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About the library


The China University of Science and Technology's library is an eight-floors building with a space of 3300 square meters. The Library offers services to students and faculty according to the needs of their research and studies. The library maintains a carefully selected collection of printed and non-printed materials. There are approximately 300,000 volumes, 700 periodicals, 10 newspapers, and 3000 media materials. Since the fast development of the internet, we have been actively expending the electronic collection such as e-books and e-journals to enrich the virtual library's contents for meeting the user's needs in electronic learning environment.

The classification of Chinese and Japanese materials is according to the New Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries, while the western materials are classified by the Dewey Classification System. The research materials of all disciplines that are not found in the library can be quickly obtained through the interlibrary loan (ILL) service.

The CUST Library provides different function areas for clients : such as periodical area, reference book area, OPAC area, database search area, leisure magazines areas, Chinese books and western books areas and multi-media area.


Library online catlog:
Users can access the library collection through our completed automated system.

Web online database search:
Library provides Grolier online search, Sticnet online search,IEEE, IEL, Pro-quest, ProQest Academic Research Library, AIMS Multimedia, Scientific American Archive, SDOS, ISI, EI village, IDEAL, Link, OCLC First Search, Swetsnet and other Chinese online databases.

Interlibrary loan:
As a member of "Sci-tech Interlibrary Cooperation Association", users can get the material not owned by the library through interlibrary loan.

The library also provides circulation service, copy service, orientation program for users.


As to the future, we will devote our effort to work on developing digital information, establishing a multi-media studying room and enrich the contents of an e-library.